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Privacy & GDPR


General Data Protection Regulation - Changes in regulation.

Although all the images posted here or on my Facebook page have had verbal consent for me to use from the adult or the childs parent, due to the new regulations if there are any images of you or your children on my website or Facebook page that you would like me to remove then please contact me and they will be removed immediately. 

If you see an image of you or your child and I am using them for marketing and you are happy for me to do so please can you send me a message or an email so I can get written consent from you for the use of the image. 

Also, personal data collected/sent to me will not be passed on or sold to third parties. I will not contact you with any marketing. 

All forms are kept for the purpose of making sure a booking is taken successfully and for keeping records of who has booked only.

I will gradually replace photos with others so they all have written consent to be used by me. 
Thank You.

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